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Burjeel Holdings Burj Khalifa Projection

Campaign Details

In an advertising campaign for the UAE-based conglomerate Burjeel Holdings, Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan lit up the world's tallest structure, The Burj Khalifa, one month before his birthday. The Burj Khalifa has been illuminated in Shah Rukh Khan's honor on his birthday for the past few years.

Burjeel Holdings, a leading provider of private healthcare services in the UAE and expanding into Oman and the GCC, was founded in 2007. With a network of 61 assets, the Group offers the highest level of patient care in the area. These assets include 39 hospitals and medical facilities, as well as pharmacies and other ancillary services.

The healthcare behemoth with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi is highlighted in the campaign, "We Are Committed To Your Care," which will run across the entire area on a variety of channels. It is founded on the group's concept of fusing community, size, and care in health.


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